Real Moms Want Guns

On Christmas Day 2014 more moms than ever will receive revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, and even rifles built on the AR-15 platform.

And this isn’t just from husbands or boyfriends trying to rope them into a new hobby; the women are asking for them.  Check out this article posted at as well as check out our classes.


All New 2014 Course Catalog

Hot off the press! Get your GMM_2014_Course-Catalog because it’s never to early to plan your spring and summer weapons training and skills development courses. We’ll be having classes in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee but we’re open to hosting sessions in Chelan, Cashmere, Leavenworth, Quincy and Ephrata.

Also be on the look out for new Utah classes coming soon. Let us know what you think and thank you for your support of GMM Defense.