Pre-Registration Now Open for Utah Concealed Carry Permits

GMM Defense will be offering several Utah Concealed Carry Permit Classes this summer.  We are accepting pre-registrations so that people can be first in line for this coveted permit which allows legal concealed carry in over 33 US States.

Pre-Register today for the acclaimed Utah Concealed Carry Permit. When you combine your nonresident Utah permit with your Washington resident permit, you will be able to carry in 33 states! *

GMM Defense will be offering classes this spring/summer so that you can apply for your Utah CCP. By registering in advance, you’ll have first crack at the schedule plus SAVE $50!

  • Full Service Utah Concealed Carry Permit Class
  • All Details and Forms Provided
  • You will need a WA Permit Before Mailing Your Application
  • Approximate $51 Utah Fee Not Included

PRE-REGISTER online today and save $50.00! Offer limited to only to the first 20 people who pre-register before 3/31/14. Please note that dates are not set for the class; however many dates will be available and we will work to accommodate your schedule or your money back.

In order to qualify you must pay $65 at time of registration and $65 at time of scheduling. That’s $50 off the regular price of $180.